Sunday, December 21, 2008

I just discovered Mahalia Jackson.


I love doctrine and learning deep stuff about God’s nature; how it shapes life as we know it, and how it ought to shape us. I love that kind of thing. I could spend most of my day devouring it.
In fact, I used to sneer a little at the “milk of the word” style of teaching. Looking back on that now, I'm totally grossed out. BAD Lauren! Pride is a yucky insidious thing. Disgusting.
I’m still not a huge fan of most “7-11” Christian choruses, but my attitude is changing. How easily we leave our “first love”—God— and get wrapped up in the peripheral things. I’m learning how important it is to maintain that excited love of the Lord. And it’s largely built on the basic Sunday School principles we’re all familiar with. Big picture, Simple concept, Major-life-changing-repercussions principles.

I have a new addition to my pool of favorite songs. I think I want this one at my funeral.
Here are the lyrics, but you totally have to hear it to appreciate what I’m trying to say.

And on days when I wonder? Yeah, I know what it’s all about.
Mahalia Jackson
Come on children, let’s sing
About the goodness of the Lord
Come on children, let’s shout
All about God’s rich reward
Guide our footsteps everyday
Keep us in the narrow way
Come on children let’s sing
(Come on children, let's shout)
(How the Lord Almighty)
(Has brought us out)
(There's none like him)
(Without a doubt)
Come on children, let's sing
About the goodness of the Lord
He has been my all an' all
He will never let me fall
That is why I can sing
That is why I can shout
Because I know what it's all about
The goodness, goodness
Of the Lord, the Lord, the Lord

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