Monday, December 1, 2008

Schoolwork Update/ Keeping myself on Track

1) Have today's take-home final completed, and I know it's worth at least an A. It's ready to be taken in and dropped off before 3 p.m.

2) I also have a Request for Incomplete that I'm filling out and will drop off in my professor's mailbox when I go in this afternoon. Then he just needs to fill out his part and turn it into the registrar's office.

3) Today we also need to get test results from the doctor.

4) For Wednesday: I have
*completed updates of school blog to my satisfaction
*completed half a magazine feature story analysis--which I could turn in as is and be happy
*started work on writing my feature story
*still need to polish my faux query letter a little bit and turn in final draft
*still need to sit and write the final self-reflective essay for the class

5) Thursday is my page layout/design final. Looking forward to it. Need to remember to bring book and flash drive with all my work on it.

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Beth said...

Thanks for the explanation of what's going on with the doctor! (That was several posts back, I've been slow getting back here after asking you that question.)

We're praying that you'll get some answers soon, and that one of the answers will include some treatment options that will give you some relief.

About your doctor hoping you have HIV...I can believe that. :) HIV has a standard treatment protocol, something he can DO to "fix" you or at least relieve your symptoms. Doctors don't like untreatable diseases, and many of them don't like thinking outside the box. My husband has lots of stories about how doctors think...your dad probably does, too.:)