Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Average Day

For reference, right now, an average day looks like this:

I sleep in until 8 or 9.
I get up and wait a few minutes until my eyes go from red to white.
I find some clothes.
Put a couple things away.
Check e-mail.
Do the outdoor chores.
Eat some wheat/corn/soy-free breakfast.
Try to do some homework.
Make the excruciating drive across town to school. (My hands won't close properly on the steering wheel.)
Sit through two hours of classes, with the objectives of:
trying to breathe
retaining auditory info because my hands hurt too bad to take notes anymore
Eat a fruit leather bar or granola or something before heading home.
Make the excruciating drive back across town home.
Contemplate doing some homework
Decide not to and take a nap.
Wake up.
Have supper at 5 or 6.
Do some textbook reading or make the drive back across town for a night class.
Come home.
Check e-mail for homework and other project info.
Do my personal Bible study.
Type out a to-do list or list of accomplishments... if I can type that night.
Read, journal or pray until 1 or 2 a.m., depending on how awful I feel.
Wake up at 4 a.m. with horrific nightmares.
Spend an hour or so trying to stop crying, shivering, and hiccupping.
Go back to sleep.
Wake up at my alarm and start it all over.

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