Tuesday, September 30, 2008

God will take care of you...

I had the worst chills ever last night. I put another blanket on my bed and still couldn’t get warm. I must have finally fallen asleep, and when mom woke me up I had a fever.

Today was frustrating. It was my day off school, so I slept in past noon. I had about a speck and a half of energy and couldn’t breathe. I did get some things accomplished: breakfast, worked on some long-overdue photos, made some baked mac and cheese, went for a very small walk, began looking into info about my plane ticket and tidied up my room (very slowly).

Not that I’m griping. I just need to be thankful for every single thing I can do. God is good.

Oh! I got my copy of the results of the blood work. It looks like band 41 is reactive… but I am not sure if I’m accurately interpreting the rest of the information; you know how confusing medical documents can be.

I’m trying to figure out how to balance activities and health at this point. I’m supposed to go camping this Friday and Saturday. I think I might just spend the night and have someone pick me up so that I can recuperate on Saturday since Sundays are ANYTHING but restful around here recently.

And I still can’t find my textbook. That is so out of character for me. Argh. Anyway, it’s obviously not the end of the world.

I’m so glad God has a plan, and that He’s so intimately involved in our lives.

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