Friday, October 3, 2008

Farb-fest pseudo-camping

Today was probably a six.
I finally fell asleep this morning around three thirty or four, I think.
And then got a panicked call from mom at nine. We were unexpectedly down to two vehicles, so we had to do some creative problem solving. And then I missed my two classes because I felt terribly nauseated.

But dad was sweet and drove me to church this evening, where I got a ride with Gary and Marsha to Sangchris where the young adult group is camping this weekend. I knew I didn’t have stamina to hang out the whole time (especially since temperatures have dropped and I’ve had chills and insomnia this week). So Gary and Marsha brought me back home. What a blessing!!

I miss camping out. And wood smoke. Mmmm. Cozy. I’m looking forward to some sleep.

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