Thursday, October 2, 2008

Productive but Painful

Today was... about a 4.63.

My joints hurt so bad they make me want to cry. I don't think I took a normal step all day. It's a really weird sensation; it feels like there are huge tourniquets around my knees cutting off circulation to everything else.
And I was so dizzy I would almost completely fall over from a standing position.

I made some Lauren-safe peach cobbler kind of like Hardee's, which was quite yummy. Food boosts my morale significantly.

I FINALLY designed a tolerable logo for myself for a class project. I ended up using GIMP because the program we're supposed to use in class is actually for page-layout and wouldn't do what I wanted. And in class I came up with a decent masthead (the big title-y part) for the school paper, which we all had to do for a contest.

So I got through the day with something nice to show for it. :o)


Karen said...

Your graphic is so HAPPY! I love it! It remined me immediately of this green apple perfume we used to use in Jr High... yes, in the 70's!! It came in a little clear glass apple-shaped bottle with a silver core/lid. The perfume inside was that happy green color. I actually got a whiff of it when I saw your entry. : )

Lauren Burke said...

Oh yay. I think I've seen pictures of that perfume. :o) I'm glad you like my logo--it's definitely better than anything I was able to accomplish in class! And yeah, the main point of it for me was to have it be happy.