Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wedding Planner, Travel Agent, Student Extraordinaire

Um. Well, so it’s been a few days.

The 19th was super-deliciously good. Pobably a 7. I wore heels and a skirt. :D
The 20th was mixed. I skipped school, but then was good enough to hang with some of my family. I also carved a pumpkin, which was a triumph because I was able to hold the knife and apply it with some force without slicing myself.
The 21st was bad. I don’t even know what I did.
The 22nd was moderate; I made it to my second class, anyway, but it was cancelled—figures. And then I made it to my night class.
Which brings us to today.

I hurt all over last night and couldn’t sleep, but my brain and hands were both working fine so I sat and typed up 25 pages of lists and organizational material regarding Ariel’s wedding. This afternoon, I sat and revised and printed about half of it. I’m going to make three copies of the stuff and put them in three different binders so that all three ladies in this house can feel organized and unified… and mostly like they’re not completely losing their minds.

Some of the lists are totally hilarious. My favorite is the list of things Ariel does NOT want in her wedding. Click on the link to my fun blog to read it.

Along with revising much of the wedding material, I later helped Ariel organize her thoughts about finding a honeymoon destination, which is where the travel agent thought comes in.

Oh!! And I designed a really quick logo for this goofy project I have to do in my broadcasting class. My partner decided we should do our campaign around an imaginary biodegradable toothbrush.

I only had a night class today. I made it there and we had to design a brochure for the Dana-Thomas House. Mine was totally awesome even though I hate Frank Lloyd Wright. Hooray. I was the only one who stayed late to work on that, and I also finished projects I was behind on: business card, envelope, stationary. So now I’m caught up. *beaming*

And I also made some awesome baked pumpkin seeds. Yum.

Hopefully I’ll maintain this level of functionality for tomorrow and finish up some of the other things I still have hanging.

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