Monday, October 6, 2008

On the fritz

Last night I lost it. It was about a 2.95.

I was already in a lot more "Lyme pain" than normal. Then, in the afternoon I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience. I had this mental image of me pitching forward off the escalator. Then I saw huge constellations of pre-migraine aura lights. Then, in the evening service at church, the pain was crawling across me. So then the whole meat-hook to the neck pain of a migraine attacked post-service.
Plus, as Laban's daughter Rachel once said so elegantly, "the time of women is upon me," so there's another bout of pain that helped tip the scales.
So it all combined and made me bawl my head off and freak out my family (and future brother-in-law).

Other symptoms last night:
Snapping, flinching of nerves just like I felt in the nerve conductivity test, minus the electrical pulse apparatus.
Irregular and elevated heartbeat.
Muscle weakness.
Random muscles all over my body would start twitching like crazy.
Double vision and blurry eyesight.
Excessive sensitivity to any kind of stimulation: touch, light, sound, smell, taste.
Muscle tension.
Couldn't breathe easily.
Trouble swallowing.
Itching of throat and inner ears.
Assorted allergies.
Again, insomnia.

Some days I just wonder how I can continue getting up and going to school, but if I don’t… I’ll lose my health insurance. At least, that’s how it’s looking to me. I’m so glad God is in control of all this, because it’s looking a little gloomy from my end.

On the plus side, I’m feeling quite a bit better today— got dressed, got some homework done, able to type, (from a computer at school, indicating I’m actually AT school), and drove to school (and on time, I might add) which has been a rare occasion over the past few weeks.


Karen said...

awww, Babe. I love you. I'm sorry you are so miserable! I just read again today, that having this much trouble while on the antibiotic is a GOOD, GOOD thing! (It's so much easier to say that from this side of the pain.) Awesome that you made it to school today!

Lauren Burke said...

Yeah... I'm hoping that it is related to the antibiotic, because in the book I was reading, they were recommending WAY higher doses of doxycycline (even for the two-week period) than the measly one I'm on. So I hope it's a legit Herxheimer, and that I'm not just fighting off Ariel's virus!!
Misery isn't so bad with loving family members and a really stinkin amazing God. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10