Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Standing (or sitting) on the Promises of God

Okay, well, obviously I haven’t been well enough to be on here.
I would probably post more often if we had wireless or I had a connection in my bedroom, but since I have to get up and sit here, even that is too exhausting many days.
Most days have been in the 2s and 3s. Sigh. Which isn’t to say I’m not joyful about life right now. God’s graciousness is astonishing

Today was about a… almost a five. I can round up.

Current medical schedule:
Went and had more blood drawn for more tests. I know they’re redoing the western blot to see what the antibiotic did (I’m off the doxycycline now.) At one point weeks ago, the doctor mentioned testing for co-infections, but the nurse today didn’t mention it and I totally forgot to ask. An appointment next week on the 11th.

I missed classes all last week. Had a talk with the dean of students at school a couple days ago. Got some information from another advisor about who I should talk to next. Barely scrapin by with my schoolwork, but I seriously am proud of myself for even trying to stay on track.

Symptoms of the last couple weeks:
Things are generally down hill.

I have this weird rash all over, like widely dispersed hives that itch and hurt and then scab over. My organs feel like they’re alternately cramping and spasming. (About a week of this makes it very difficult to concentrate on other things, especially when I have a couple different ones going at different rates).
My heart totally stops beating sometimes randomly. Sometimes I will realize that something is really wrong and go through my vitals and become conscious that I’m not breathing and then wonder how long that’s been going on.

And then the weird one:
A couple days ago, I took a warm shower, got out, felt weird, thought I might pass out, got dressed, couldn’t breathe, sat on my floor so I wouldn’t fall off my bed, laid down, stayed there for an hour or so without moving, wanted to get up, kind of rolled over thinking I would push myself up, but was stuck laying on my stomach with my jaw pressed into my wood floor at a weird angle.

Mom and dad were just in the other room, but they couldn’t hear me calling over the TV noise. I couldn’t reach my phone, and I couldn’t get the coordination to knock Morse SOS on the floor. Mom heard me eventually, and came in and helped me get up and helped me blow-dry my hair.
What weirdness.

Results and final thoughts:
My mom has banned me from taking showers (but I don’t take baths since they seem scarier and hurt more)… so we’ll see how long she can stand the stench. ;o)
We’re in the very beginning of looking into those shower chairs and wheelchairs. Yes, I cringe, “but vanity is pointless anyway” squeals my liver as it flutters again.

Oh the ways God gently humbles independent little girls.

Ah well. It’s all an adventure.


M.E. Again said...

we still have a shower chair randomly hanging about if you want it.

Lauren Burke said...

Mm! Thank you. We're still trying to decide if it's more dangerous to a klutz like me than just standing there. After mom and dad talk about it, I might take you up on that. Thanks for the offer!