Friday, November 28, 2008

Today is probably less than a one.
Can’t breathe, gasping, throat constricted, inhaler just makes my heart want to explode.
Can’t think, 4 final papers to do.
Hands and arms don’t even feel like they are attached, but they hurt, so they must still be. Typing is agonizing.
Slept off and on for 17 hours but had horrible, horrible nightmares the whole time.
Throat feeling paralyzed again.
Heart hasn’t beat regularly for three days.
Face spasms, head ticking like crazy.
Neck muscles not holding my head up right.
Hallucinations all the time this past week; feel like I’m in the twilight zone, or out of body experience
Bladder has been on strike for four days.
Jaw locked up.
Past week whole back has been feeling pins and needles and then going numb.
Entirely an emotional mess.
Bawling inconsolably. Three cookies didn’t help. I should lay off all sugar.
Lonely which is stupid because if anyone were here I know I’d be a jerk to them.
I hurt so bad everywhere that I just want to throw up.
“Use your time wisely.” Yeah, sure. Great idea. Thanks a lot.
Too many rough days in a row. No breaks, no sleep, no help.
Freaking out.

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