Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now offering a new and exciting symptom!

Well, my throat feels like it is paralyzed or something. Maybe that’s too strong a word. It feels like the next step up would be paralyzed. It feels like the worst “lump in the throat” from crying I could ever imagine. But I haven’t been crying.

It’s a totally freaky feeling. I can tell the muscles aren’t moving much to help me swallow… praise God for gravity, huh? When I tip my head down it feels like my muscles might just seize up and shut everything off. But as far as I can tell, my trachea is still open and working as much as it has recently.

Talk about scary. Anyway, I’m still typing, so I’m still fine.

My mouth has been experiencing some strange feelings in the last two days as well. Every so often it feels JUST like a dentist is stabbing one of those huge needles into the roof of my mouth, and then a Novocain-like tingle sets in.

The throat thing is kind of freaking me out. I can feel myself wanting to cry from being sacred, which is totally stupid, isn’t it? Not only would crying NOT help the situation, God’s on top of this and it will only go as far as He wants.

I think I may go sit down and draw or something calm for a few minutes, though.

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Karen said...

I wonder if this is the Bell's palsy beginning? Are you sure you should not be going to a doctor at this point, Babe??