Friday, November 14, 2008

Today’s Accomplishments

Today was a 5.15

Remember, these are out of ten with 10= best, but I haven’t seen a 5+ day in weeks. Ahh! It was fabulous.

Things to be thankful for about today:

  1. SLEPT!!!! AAAAHHH! I forgot how fabulously cozy that can be. What a gorgeous feeling!

  2. Went to school early for a meeting with one of my tutor classmates about what she thinks I can do to pass some of my classes. Very helpful.

  3. Made it through both class periods just fine.

  4. Had a great surprise talk with the ever-encouraging J. Pierce

  5. Had a meeting to get registered for next semester. Got my schedule all worked out. It looks great, if my body/mind can get through it. Filled out a graduation application. My advisor is a very cool lady.

  6. I can take full steps today. And I did. And I LOVED it. I would much rather have a man stride than an old lady hobble. Can you tell this made me giddy?

  7. Typed out some Bible verses for future reference.

  8. Started digital developing on some senior photos I took a couple weeks ago!

  9. Got caught up on my health (or lack thereof) blog

  10. Ate some food. Big girl!

  11. Read an online version of the Russian fairytale Baba Yaga out loud to Ariel—well, three-quarters before I grayed out and collapsed on the desk from suffocating, but she finished it for me, so it was all good.

  12. Also looked up “babaganoosh” which is another fabulous word to say. And no wonder I’m drawn to it, it’s food. Egg plant and sesame seed paste.

  13. Boogied with Ariel to Rockin Round the Christmas Tree. (This time without nearly passing out.)

  14. And the night is still young. Well, wait. As soon as it’s morning, the morning will still be young.

  15. But I…think…I may have some potential of sleeping again tonight. Wouldn’t that be the coolest ever?


Karen said...

Ah! THAT'S what Baba Yaga means.

Karen said...

and PRAISE the Lord for a 5.15 day!! ;)